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Adding a Product

The shop feature is a very sophisticated implementation that we spent a lot of hours developing! We believe a shop is a vital part of an organisation!

If you don't already have the shop in your admin panel then you haven't subscribed to the Organisation package. You can do so by clicking here!  

  1. First log into your admin control panel, head over to Content Management and click Shop. Once you're on this page click the  button.
  2. Then you will be directed to the main product page, here we can do a variety of things including adding a brand, naming the item and setting a price. 
  3. Firstly, you have to name your product. 
  4. Then we have to select the product status from the dropdown menu. Enabled means the product is visible, disabled means the product will be invisible. 
  5. Now you can then select a Brand and a Category.
  6. Now you have the chance to set a price. We can set an individual price if we are selling a single item or we can set a label to add sizes for an example. 
  7. Now you can set a Release Date. If you want to release the item straight away then obviously select the current time! But this feature allows you to release products in your site when you are not around. For example you can release anniversary items without being online! 
  8. Next you can write a Description and set a Specification
  9. The next option allows to provide an External URL, this means if you click on the product you will be re-directed to the site you set here.
  10. Now you can set an product Image. 
  11. You can then set your Stock Levels, this is important! You don't want to sell products you don't have! 
  12. The last option is specifying if your product is Digital or not. 

Make sure you hit the  button when you're finished!